Accounting Services

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Individual Returns

We can prepare your personal return, usually in the one appointment. If you don’t have time to call in and see us, you can email your payment summary and other relevant information required and we will prepare your return and email it back to you for your approval.

No more need to print scan and email back your signed approval, we now have digital signatures available to take the pain out of lodging your return.

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Small Business Accounting

There is so much compliance pressure on small business. Let us assist you ease the burden.

We can put accounting systems in place to ensure your monthly and quarterly reporting obligations are met with minimum disruption to the running of your business. No longer will you need to spend a whole weekend reconciling bank statements and sifting through paperwork to ensure your BAS is lodged on time to avoid penalties. We can even do all the coding for you and free up even more time for you to work on your business or spend time with your family.

Your accounting file is our file, no more backing up your file and bringing in old data for us to duplicate into our system and then tell you how much profit or lack of it you made 18 months ago. With the latest software solutions we work with you to assist you and identify areas of your business that may need more attention. We can assist you analyse your numbers to ensure financial health.

We can also advise on appropriate business structures, analyse your cash flow requirements and explain why if you made a profit and have a big tax bill, there is no money in the bank to be able to pay it.

Jo will happily visit you at your business premises if you don’t want to take time out to come to our office.

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Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Do you have a self managed superannuation fund. Are you aware of all the legislation and regulations that restrict the assets the fund can hold, and how those assets can be used and by whom?

Jo is a Chartered Accountant and a SMSF Specialist. Don’t find out you have breached the SMSF regulations when the auditor issues a contravention report. We can advise you on all areas of SMSF compliance from whether you can transfer property you own to your SMSF , to holding collectibles in your fund or borrowing to buy assets.

If your fund holds shares, we use BGL software which updates the share prices daily so you can monitor how your fund is performing on an ongoing basis not 12 months later when your return is prepared.